Welcome to my PERSONAL blog. I have another website www.lasvegasbucketlist.com I felt too naughty to really blog about my lifestyle on there. This feels amazing being able to tap away to my readers letting them in to my social life.

Here we go…

Book release party. This weekend is a dream come true because you all are joining together to celebrate a lifetime achievement with me. Saturday night Gold Lounge at Aria Hotel and Casino is throwing my Masquerade Ball. Im delighted with joy! Friends from all over are coming and getting in theme with me. (This is a dress that will be turned into a SIN-Derella dress. The designer Stacey Linde is making a rubber corset, medal mask and adding black satin into this dress. Ill post pics this week.)


After the ball we are heading to Beachers Madhouse at MGM where they are doing something special for all 200+ of us. Heres a photo for my readers that will give you a behind the scenes look at what happened AFTER Tiffany parted from Damien. It looks to me like her broken heart didn’t last for long. I am just curious if Damien will show up at the Masquerade Ball lurking in a corner. Ill let you know!


Yes that me! Crazier things have happened believe it or not. This blog will give you a behind the scenes look giving you more of the story. Occasionally I will have Question and answers and a live chat from my home.

Here is a peak inside of some examples of more stories that will be coming. Watch these videos on my you tube. I am very new at my channel but plan on adding over 154 hrs of footage. You can giggle at my clips I did on a Flip cam. I added these BEFORE edit was so available to little hands like mine.

My intentions on this website are to make it more interactive. I wrote for magazines for 15 years and never knew my readers. Ill have video footage up after you read the stories for those that wish to go more in depth.

This video below is for adults only. Sorry Im wearing ass chaps… mom don’t watch! This will give you a quick look at footage I have and stories I will be sharing.

*I moved here in 1999 with all intentions of telling my stories.