Im concentrating on travel stories for you. WOW! I came across this one. Ahhhhh Spain! It was so interesting to be in their culture. I didn’t quite understand how the parties began at 3am. People are topless on the beach and children were running around. I actually filmed a condom floating in the ocean where little kids were playing. Obviously it was left over from a party hours before. Go check out the videos I have on my YOUTUBE channel. More will be uploaded this month after I teach myself how to edit for you.

I went around the world with my best girlfriends when we weren’t creating stories to tell in Vegas. The adventures of Tiffany Masters will take you on a wild ride to many countries and see the world though my eyes. Heres another raw video of us in Greece. You can see how we were shocked at the beauty! The books are “based” on true stories but come back to this site to see the REAL videos.