What an amazing week in Vegas for the book release!

Ive been asked about this photo on Jens fb so I thought I would blog about it. I feel like its 50 shades worthy giving you a peek inside our lifestyle.

I got a call from my friend Jennifer Romas asking if I wanted to have dinner with her and Steven Tyler. (Met him previously the night of my book release party.) Jen has a new show in town called SEXXY. Steven is managed by my great friend Larry so I decided to throw on some jeans and hang out for some Pizza and relaxed conversation. I gotta say the man is an icon. I wanted those sexy lips to kiss my book. With that in mind I was down to go.

We are so proud of Jen that has been performing since the days of Splash. (20 years) This blog is more about her than it is about S.T. Trust me he’s a legend but I am thinking about Jen today writing this blog. She performs 2 shows a night and is bringing in star quality like Steven to watch her AMAZING show. Once a background dancer/choreographer ┬áproduced this award winning show in 2 weeks without a budget! I cuddled with her on the couch and watched her finally relax with her 2 broken ribs that have been VERY PAINFUL for her. My friend motivates me to keep on going making me feel lazy if I don’t get up and do something every day. She too is a legend in this city for empowering women.

No there wasn’t any rock star orgies that night so don’t expect me writing a book about this one. However he did sing the song “Love in an elevator” when we went down to the casino. That was kind of epic. lol I never had the nerve to ask this talented man to kiss my book but I did get a “friendly” peck on the lips telling him goodbye and that I would see him again. He is such an inspiration and kind man. Never once did he cross the line of being a complete gentleman. Sorry to disappoint you ladies. lol I remained cool leaving my psychotic moments for when Stevie Nicks comes. Just Kidding.

Im gathering the girls up to go see Jens show this week, making it a girls only night. I feel that other women need to go and support such a hard working woman that is up there with 2 broken ribs and crushing it. It hasn’t been easy for her. This week she’s on my show talking about how hard it is with her body type. She mentioned she was “too muscular” for many shows. Behind the scenes of Entertainers. What its like to be one in Vegas.

The show must go on with two broken ribs and thinking twice about having that slice of pizza!

Lets all gather on Weds and see her show! After you can have your photo taken with her on the red carpet and meet this beautiful lady. For more information and her interview listen LIVE this weds 305 pm www.alltalkradio.net WE WELCOME JENNIFER ROMAS to our show this week!