I can’t believe that I am a part of this. Just two months ago we pushed the words “Send” on the laptop and away I went to self publish my book. That was a big decision to make. I didn’t know if I should wait for the book agent or go do it myself. After weighing out my options and knowing what big stories I have in the back of my mind that are about to unfold I decided to do this all on my own. I have been promoting everyone else’s business for all these years I may as well promote my own product. The other thing that irritated me was knowing a book agent, a publisher and a few others had their hands out wanting something from all the hard work that I had put in for my stories. I don’t seem to remember them there enduring the hangovers with me from years of hell.  I made up my mind and chose a few easy stories to self publish on Amazon. Im beyond happy that I did.

Along the way I have met some incredible authors. When I wrote for the magazines it seemed like columnists stuck to themselves. There wasn’t a ton of support and there is being in the book community.  Many have different names for their writings. I really am proud of one thing right now though. I haven’t cheated. I was let down when I learned that authors I looked up to, bought their material from “ghost writers” and put a name on it. The faster they get books out to sell the better. Right now I’m trying to hold on to my “original content”. My readers know me from my magazines, my shows and websites. They would know better if someone wrote my books.

On my website www.lasvegasbucketlist.com I ask my members what’s on their Bucket List. Many have replied that they too want to write a book. This summer I am going to make that happen for you. Get your ideas ready! We are going to make your dream a reality!

Do you want to write a children’s book? Coffee table book? Short Stories? A Mystery? Your memoirs? A trilogy? You dream it and we can help you step by step by inspiring you along the way. This helps me too. I enjoy meeting for coffee with like minded people that keep me motivated. Im looking forward to our summer book club! My friend is posting a class that will be teaching us a step by step program on how to successfully publish a book that we have written at your own pace!

tiffanymastersllc@yahoo.com for more information