A couple weeks ago I accepted a challenge to get on a scale and weigh in to see how much weight I gained over the holidays. Stress had taken a big part of my attention to the refrigerator and to my laptop to write a book. My emotions shared stories on the pages of Amazon and pounds on the side of my jeans, and on the front. Ok lets not kid myself. I had the full muffin top going AROUND. There I stand with 25 pounds of “jolly” weight. I don’t know if you all have read my book, but it’s based on sexy moments in my life. Try standing on a red carpet for after everyone is hot and horny from watching the 50 shades of Grey movie. I had to think of a fast one and come up with a theme to hide my insecurities. A masquerade ball! It was perfect. My girlfriend is part of the Disney family and designs these enormous gowns. I asked her to make it double the size as usual.

After peeling off yards of Michaels fabric I needed to plan fast how I was going to get 50 shades of thin. How was I going to do this with so many events lined up one after another with the book out? Did I really have to write something so sexy and put it out during Valentines day? The time of Lingerie and backing up to bikini season. I had to do something quick. There was no other choice but to join the mayhem of diet crashers.

I stripped down and looked in the mirror with the camera. 3 snaps later I stared at my phone with disappointment. Reluctantly I sent the photo over the to a diet coach at Trim body MD and took the “challenge”.


Hi This is Tiffany Masters. Obviously I am serious if I am sending you this. Please do not post this until we have an after PROVING that your method of HCG actually works. I have tried this before. Ill see you in the morning…..

I check in today