Writers block is a bitch. Im sitting here looking at my blog page screaming RELEASE!!! If there were a laxative for the brain I would be sipping it now! Some people smoke weed and get in the studio to spit out wrap songs or sing their heart out. It doesn’t really work that way with me. The stress doesn’t help. Lately I have been boggled down with people. My right arm was hurting the other day and I didn’t know why and then my vision was blurry. I couldn’t see familiar billboards driving home. It really scared me! I called my manager and was upset with all the stuff going on and explained the emails that I was getting with people complaining about things like my words being misspelled on my Facebook. He laughed and told me to write down all my problems and we would get me an assistant.
Yesterday my assistant came over and looked at my list to do and she laughed at me. Other than the house needing to be cleaned and the bills needing to be paid she basically said I have a bad case of OPS. Social media has boggled my mind so much that I have blocked myself. I am so addicted to my 6 social medias that I have become unsocial myself. The bad case of OPS means “Other Peoples Shit”. We went through the list. Its true! All the emails I am getting from people really aren’t my issues. Its nothing that I can solve. This reminded me of one of my favorite books the four agreements. I was being Impeccable with my word but many others haven’t learned this yet in life. I shouldn’t take everything so personal if they don’t text me back or don’t show up for dinner plans.  I shouldn’t assume that everything is always “about me”. Thats my biggest issue! I sit here too many times and be a worry wart. Maybe thats the Libra in me and try to fix too many things. The moral of this blog is to do my best and share my scary health experience. Our best will always change. We are not perfect!

The pain in my arm was not a sign of any heart attack. I did learn from a nurse that you can have pain in your left or right and that its a sign of a stroke! My vision is fine and learned that Paris Hilton is at Rehab fight weekend! (I could have probably been fine without knowing that.) lol I was just under a ton of stress and needed to chill out. I was taking on too much OPS. As for the writers Block? Baby steps and I hit the “post button NOW”